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My name is Julia Wang and I am a documentary photographer, educator, and law student based in Brooklyn, New York. I am currently a 2L at CUNY Law School studying how the law shapes and actively maintains systems of oppression. This past summer, I worked as a legal intern at Queen Legal Service’s Immigration Advocacy Project and hope to work in immigration/family law in the future.

Whether I am photographing, teaching, or supporting clients’ legal needs, I strive to create an environment that fosters collaboration, respect, and personal agency. My goal is to make traditionally gatekept knowledge open and accessible. I have worked as a youth photography teacher throughout NYC, an English teacher in China, an art workshop coordinator, a studio assistant, and oddly enough - a physics tutor in high school.

I’m a proud of member of collectives like Authority Collective and Diversify Photo that are working to decolonize and demand equity in the visual industry. I am also a signatory on the Photo Bill of Rights.

I enjoy cooking, eating dumplings, knitting, anime, and replaying old Pokémon games. (Most recently, Minecraft.) I can speak Mandarin Chinese and very limited Spanish.

Feel free to reach out via email or instagram DM for any questions, thoughts, etc~ Though in law school, I am enthusiastically open for assignments, collaborations, and/or commissions because I have to pay my bills and support my orange cat, Spicy. ︎